Kigali, Rwanda

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Rwanda Traditional Culinary Arts

Rwanda is a landlocked country in central Africa (Heart of Africa), country is also known as “Land of thousand hills” with land area of 26,338 km2. It lies 75 miles southward of Equator, 880 miles west of Indian Ocean, and 1,250 miles east of Atlantic Ocean. Rwanda is bordering Tanzania to the East, Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, Uganda to the North, and Burundi to the south.

Tour Details
Starting Price is $60 Per person , Minimum Group Size is 2Pax 

Tour Highlights Include: Field and Plantation work , Traditional Cooking  , Gift shops.

Tour Itinerary

Your day begins not in the kitchen but in the fields as you learn seasonal planting or harvesting of fresh ingredients for your traditional meal. Once the ingredients and water have been collected, food preparation begins with washing, peeling, pounding, and grinding the ingredients using traditional methods and tools.

Throughout the process, your hostess and the ladies of the local cooperative will teach and guide you, always allowing you to experience the day at your own pace.

Once your meal has completed cooking in the outdoor kitchen, it will be time to enjoy! Choose to eat with a fork or with your fingers, as you taste the fruits of your labors.

Sitting in the home of host family, there will be plenty of time to chat and learn about each other’s lives. The day finishes back at our office, and we serve you with a fresh drink as you think back over the highlights of the day.


  What to Carry: